One QR Code, lots of information!
Now more than ever it is important
to keep up with the times...
A little review... QR Code, what is it?
The Quick Response Code is used to connect a real message with the online virtual world with a single click: in other words, by scanning through the camera of a smartphone or tablet, this code is able to provide the user
with content and information quickly and interactively.
AMA products... how does the QR Code fit?
From November 2020 on all AMA products it will be laser marked
a reference QR Code, unique for each finished product.
Thanks to this implementation, each AMA item becomes traceable everywhere and the operator has the possibility to trace back at any time both the documentation specifications and the product testing and shipping date. All after-sales and assistance services will thus be even more efficient.
Don't waste time looking for old papers, from now on you will have
all information in one click!
Advantages of the QR Code on AMA products
  • Traceability of the product
  • Information available at any time
  • Easy access to data
  • Innovative and digital format
  • Less paper documentation
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